Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New blog

I am ending this blog as there have been some spyware issues on blogger. You can view my new blog here... bellablue

This will showcase arts & crafty stuff I'm working on but will also have personal commentary and lots about the kids too. What I love about the new site is the photo album feature... way cool!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well, Ella completely floored me this afternoon. We got a new book, borrowed from Memere, and after reading her a story from it we came upon another story with super basic sentences, typed pretty big on the page. She started sounding out the words and READ THEM!!!!!!!! So being the skeptic that I am I pulled out this ancient "phonics" type book I have that has *no pictures* and I asked her if she could tell me the words. She did really well! She actually was able to sound out quite a few... like CAN, I'M, MAD, SAD, WIN, etc etc. It'll be so fun when she can read to Tula (and to Mama and Papa!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Girls day out

I woke this morning with a bit of a dark cloud around me... its my fault for staying up too late watching stupid TV, "My Super Sweet 16", MTV's ridiculous show about ultra-rich (and spoiled) girls having the "ultimate" sweet 16. I couldn't help myself... its like watching a train wreck. You don't want to look but can't help it!

Anyway, back to the dark cloud. I got mad at Ella for throwing about 35 books in a huge pile on the floor for the UMPTEENTH time. I felt bad and decided I needed to turn things around. So, after talking to Amanda I decided I needed to go buy these ultra-cool wooden booster seats instead of the $200 Stokke chairs I really wanted. So I called up my mom and asked if she wanted some company... "Yes". So, we went to Memere's for the day. It ended up being great!

We went out to eat, the four girls. We stuffed ourselves silly and then went shopping briefly. Got the goods, as Ella would say, and then went back to Memere's. She played with the girls while I ran to the art store to stock up on painting paper which we had run out of. I also got some clay, tracing paper for my sewing patterns and a rad car air freshener. Oh, and a way-cool "Emily" magnet.

At 4 we headed home. In attempt to keep the girls awake I broke into "Old MacDonald had a ____________ (fill in the blank)" and we were all laughing hysterically when Old MacDonald had a "boss" with a "GET ME MILK!" here and a "PLAY WITH ME" there, etc etc. (Ella's idea).

It ended up being a fabulous day... now lets hope those sweet girls fall asleep EARLY so Papa and I can reconnect and watch a new Netflix movie! They are BOTH exhausted and acting it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Like father, like...

Daughter?!?!?! Here's the pair preparing to shave. Notice the lovely turquoise "plastic" tiles in the background. Will they ever be demolished?


Its amazing what one can do when relieved of their parenting duties for a few hours! My house, which has been making me CRAZY with its clutter and messiness for MONTHS now is finally looking EXACTLY the way I want it - clean & simple. My sweet cousin is on school vacation and has come over to play with the girls for 3-5 hours the past two days. I can't begin to tell you how amazing this has been. I've been able to tackle clutter that has been lying here since we moved in. You can actually see the office floor now! And the bedroom doesn't have clothes thrown all over eveything! The livingroom, dininroom & kitchen have never looked so clean!

And thank you to the genius who invented light-therapy! I've been sitting in front of an Apollo GoLite P1 for a week now and I'm actually able to make it through the day HAPPY and calm! And I'm sleeping MUCH more soundly! I even see a transformation in the girls - perhaps its my improved disposition?

Anyway... things are looking up and after seeing a tree full of about 40 robins today, I can only hope that SPRING is right around the corner!!!!! YAY!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

New Look

I scored some fabulous fabric today at a local liquidation store and I'm psyched to start making some summer clothes for the kiddos and maybe their dollies as well. I need to get that sewing table from my dad so I can have a permanant place for my machine. I've found its much too disruptive to pull it out on the diningroom table when we actually have family meals there every night.

Well, the clock ticks, the kids are in bed and Dave is waiting downstairs... I think its time to go conquer HALO! Yeeha!

Winter BLAH

I'm feeling like a blog failure these days. Amanda, sweet friend, you have inspired to me to get busy with it. See Amanda's blog here... http://soulemama.blogspot.com/

I don't know if its the winter blues or stress from living in a half-done house but I feel only motivated to clean and keep my environment neat and organized these days... a HUGE feat with two small children and a teenager who like to tear it up, play ball in the house, leave food everywhere, etc. I'm tired. Oh so tired.

Just as it felt like spring was in the air (I know, it was WAY too early to even have hope) we got hit with a HUGE storm that had to arrive right in the midst of a family stomach flu. So I had to drag my weak ass out to shovel so my sweet husband could lay in bed and recover, as he was the latest victim. Well, the snow was almost 2 feet high and HEAVY and I thought I would never make it back inside.

And then I have all these worries in the back of my mind... I need to get those EBAY packages out PRONTO! What bills are due? Which ones take priority? Will we ever get the kids room done? Will we ever have our crown mold, baseboard, entertainment center, hallway, office, bathrooms, DONE?

And then Tula is in her toddler hitting, biting, kicking phase. And, oh, how she loves to attack her big sister who loves to get in her face. Ella is bored to tears and enjoys ripping into EBAY boxes, tearing all the stuff we haven't unpacked OUT onto the attic floor, etc. And then there is Doc who is in his teenage aloof apathetic phase. Oh, how I remember that well! Oh how I miss being able to go in my room and shut out the world for awhile. However, I feel jipped! How come we never had AIM?! (as in AOL Instant Messenger). Oh, how my life would have been different!

I look forward to spring. We will build a playground in the backyard and have a sand box! YAY!!! We can finally put those cool Magic Cabin sand toys to good use!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sledding Fun - a photo essay

After a fun night of sledding we had to go back for more! I'll let the pictures do the talking...
First is Ella on our way...

Next is Doc on the Snow Jack he got from Uncle Bill for XMAS...

Dave & Doc wipe out!

Ella tries out the tube...

Tula & Papa


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My birthday girl!!!

I can't believe Ella is 5 today! I remember the night she was born. It was a warm December evening (warm enough for sweaters outside) and right before she was born a great wind arrived and departed shortly after she was born! She was born at home in a tub of warm water (with Dave holding me) and she did not make a peep. She just laid on my chest looking grumpy. I was the happiest mother in the world at that very moment!

Here she is opening her gifts! A very happy girl, indeed!